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Instructor demonstrating the welding, cutting and fabricating of a trailer hitch to students, circa 1956-1957
George Bringhurst operating automatic cutting machine as Alvin Young observes
Welding the ATC Statue, 1990
SLCC Student Newspapers 2005-02-10
Welding Program, 1983-1995
Student Using Sanding Tool To Grind Down Welding Burrs
Welding - Vocational Program
Instructor and students working in welding shop, circa 1956-1957
Don Mellard and Ivan Hall demonstrating inert arc welding
SLCC Student Newspapers 1989-01-30
Westpointe Center Student Services Building SLCC
Students working on acetylene welding and cutting while instructor observes, circa 1956-1957
Welding students repairing a trailer
Welding students making welding repairs
Student Art Shows, Welding, 1990-1991
Vocational Education: Welding II
Instructor demonstrating welding procedure to students, circa 1956-1957
SLCC Student Newspapers 2019-01-15
Vocational Education: Welding