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Soldiers From 1st Cavalry Regiment Relaxing Together
Viet Cong KIA after Attacking the Perimeter of Tan Son Nhut Air Base
Squad, From 1st Cavalry Regiment, Ready to Go on a Mission
Sign For Camp "Gorvad Cav" Country, 1st Platoon
Soldiers on a U.S. Naval Ship Being Deployed to Vietnam
Military Police Squad from the 173rd Airborne Brigade
Portrait of an Older Vietnamese Man During the Battle of Hue, February 1968
Christmas Show in Vietnam 70'
Living Spaces Inside a U.S. Naval Ship En Route to Vietnam
An Outdoor Debrief Using A Giant Map
Soldiers Arriving For Deployment in Da Nang, Vietnam
Cobra Helicopter, "Mighty Mouse", Heading Out
Rocky Schmit and Mike Pistorino Return to Camp Reasoner After Going on Patrol
Soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia to be Deployed to Vietnam
Landing Zone for Flock of Huey Helicopters
Tugboat Preparing to Tow the USS Daniel I Sultan into Harbor at Vung Tau, Vietnam
Soldier Leaning Against Sandbag Fortification
Catherine Leroy (1945 – 2006) A French-born Photojournalist And War Photographer
Vietnam Veteran, William Carr Jr., Remembers a Fellow Soldier
Troops of Australian 1RAR (Royal Australian Regiment) Move Through Paddy Fields as American Helicopters Fly Overhead