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Anzac Battalion Members Instructing Troops from the ARVN
South Vietnamese Soldiers Receive Instructions Loading Grenade Launcher
Small Puppy Huddles in the Protective Arms of Marine Waiting to Move Forward
Troopers of the 8th Vietnamese Airborne Battalion Fire M79 Grenade Launchers and Small Arms During Heavy Fighting
Luke Morgan Cleaning His M-79
Soldier Holding Grenade Launcher on Patrol and Out in the Jungle
Soldier's Equipment And Artillery
Unloading From A Boat
Richard G. Weid And Unidentified Soldier
Ambush Academy
Bill Butler From Qld, Instruct Regional Force (RF) Soldiers in the use of the M79 Grenade Launcher in the Delta Region
Tom Taylor With M-79 Thumper
Unidentified Soldier With A Grenade Launcher
Mortar Position at Nuoc Ngot Bridge
Soldier With A M79 Grenade Launcher And Grenades
Tony Martin And Unidentified Soldiers
Lieutenant ‘Edward Jake’ Linton Releases a Grenade Which has Become Stuck in an M79 Rocket Launcher
Soldiers, in Combat Gear, Pose for a Portrait
Photograph of Team 24