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United States Naval Sea Cadets Raising the Flag on Veterans Day
Flag Raising On Veterans Day
Convocation 1995
Celebration of Flags and Languages
Convocation 1997
Salt Lake Area Vocational School dedicatory exercises, 1952
Captured Flag of the Viet Cong
Soldier Holding a Captured Communist Flag
Russian Soldiers And Campaign Flag
Marine Fashions the U.S. flag in Preparation to Hoist it Over the Citadel, in the Imperial City
M Company On Top Of Hill 310
4RAR and Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment Flags Lowered For The Last Time
Change of Battalion Command
Military Camp With Chinook Dropping Supplies
Sgt Bob Gilbert & Capt Guy On Ranger Base
SLCC Student Newspapers 1983-11-18
SLCC Student Newspapers 1976-01-16