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Bryant (middle) Tending to a Captured NVA, Others Unknown
To Thi Nau A Captured Viet Cong Woman
Australian Lance Corporal Barry O’Brien Drying Captured Viet Cong Documents
Scavone, O'Brian, and Granum posing with captured AK-47 & AK-50
Captured Weapons Bon Song and Dillon (right)
Suspected Viet Cong Sit Inside a Barbed Wire Enclosure Guarded by Member of 1RAR
Captured Weapons, Bon Song
Captured Antiaircraft from A Shau
Soldier Holding a Captured Communist Flag
Captured Viet Cong Weapons
Viet Cong POW
Captured Guerrillas Guarded by American GIs
Soldier Guarding a Viet Cong Prisoner Of War
Viet Cong POW With Helicopter Pilots
Private David Collins Guarding a Captured Viet Cong Soldier