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Viet Cong Attack American Embassy in Saigon
Soldier Fires at Viet Cong Positions in Cholon During the Unsuccessful Tet Offensive
Binh Dan Hospital in Saigon Took Direct Rocket Hit, June 11, 1968
Aftermath Of Viet Cong Attack On Saigon
Smoke and Dust Obscures Beleaguered Marine Combat Base
Viet Cong Attacking U.S. Military Camp
Medics Carry the Body of a Dead South Vietnamese Officer
Members of the 716th MP Battalion Guard the Entrance to the U.S. Embassy
Military Aircraft Burns From Viet Cong Attack
Saigon Military Police Take Up Positions Across the Street From the U.S. Embassy
Damaged F-4 Phantom Jet Hit by a 122mm Rocket
Air Strike Seen From LZ English
Fuel And Supply Truck After An Attack
General Westmoreland Talking To Military Personel At The U.S. Embassy
The Remains Of The Tan Son Nhut Chapel
U.S. Soldiers Charge Down Alley Behind BOQ #3 in Saigon
Soldiers Helping Soldiers During a Fire Fight in Hue, Southern Vietnam
Door Gunner Fires From a Huey Helicopter
Effects Of A Sapper Attack
Destroyed Fairchild C-123 Provider At Tan Son Nhut