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Alcohol Awareness Week, South City Campus, 1992
SLCC Student Newspapers 2009-02-26
SLCC Student Newspapers 2009-03-02
SLCC Student Newspapers 2002-04-15
SLCC Student Newspapers 2003-02-18
SLCC Student Newspapers 1998-06-02
Soldiers With A Budweiser Sign
Soldier With Different Snacks And Drinks
Soldier With an Open Fridge, Filled With Beer
Soldier In His Cups
Snipers, Norman And Vasquez Off Highway 1
Soldiers At Superman Club In Tokyo
Inside The Recon Tent, FSB Birmingham
Soldiers Drinking Beer
James Tree Machin With Rum
Everhart Sweating And Drinking Beer
Soldiers On Break In A Bar
Soldiers Drinking Together
Soldiers Taking A Break And Drinking