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On Fire Base a 175mm Has Just Reported
Part of the Uncovered Cache of NVA Supplies
Project Eldest Son – The U.S. Scheme to Sabotage Viet Cong Rifles
Soldier With Machine Gun And Ammunition
Huge Cache of Arms and Stores Captured by Allied Military Operations in South Vietnam
Captured Viet Cong Weapons
Soldier Lying Down Surrounded By Ammunition and Weapons
Table With Multiple Kinds Of Ammunition
Location Called "Test Fire Island" Being Used to Test .50 Caliber Rounds
Assault Rifles, Military Equipment on Sandbags
Tracked Howitzer 175mm
Allied Military Operations, in South Vietnam, Uncovering Enormous Cache of Weapons and Ammunition
Soldier Posing With a Very Large Machine Gun
White Phosphorus Dropped by Jet
Ambush Academy
Bunker 123, the Morning After it Was Almost Overrun by Viet Cong
Soldier in Front of Truck Loaded With Ammunition
Private John Iwankiw At FSB Coral