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Shelter Built Above Water
Soldier Holding Grenade Launcher on Patrol and Out in the Jungle
Helicopter that Received a Number of Shots From the Viet Cong
Air Force Base Main Gate At Tan Son Nhut
Photograph of An Unidentified Pilot
Carrier-based Transport Aircraft
1st Cavalry Division At The Top Of Nui Ba Dinh
"The Outcasts" US Army Tank
82nd Airborne Division
Rustic Landing Zone With Three Hueys
Soldiers Getting Shots
Photograph of Howard Swede Ware
Camp Rainier, Army Base in Dau Tieng, Vietnam
Huey Pilot Hovers While Loading Wounded Soldiers
Howard Swede Ware At FSB Chamberlin
Damaged Huey Helicopter
Photograph of Howard Swede On Break