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Vietnamese Marine Receives First Aid From a U.S. Marine Medic
Small Puppy Huddles in the Protective Arms of Marine Waiting to Move Forward
Refugees Crossing the Perfume River at Truong Thien Bridge Outside of Hue, Vietnam
Civilians Run to Escape Enemy Fire
Two Exhumed Bodies of Tet Offensive Victims With Hands Bound
CBS Camera Crew Use Jeep for Dolly, During Interview With Commanding Officer of First Battalion
Women Wounded in Hue During the Communist Tet Offensive in the Imperial City
Marine Fashions the U.S. flag in Preparation to Hoist it Over the Citadel, in the Imperial City
Packages Which Contain the Remains of South Vietnamese Civilians Who Were Murdered by the NVA
Soldier Fires at Viet Cong Positions in Cholon During the Unsuccessful Tet Offensive
Vietnamese Marines Fight Communist Infiltrators in Gia Dinh
Hue "Death March" Victims Found at New Atrocity Site
Binh Dan Hospital in Saigon Took Direct Rocket Hit, June 11, 1968
Saigon Road Sign Amongst the Rubble Following Attacks During the Tet Offensive
Hue Damage After Viet Cong Attack
Smoke Billows Over Section of Cholon From Fighting Between the ARVN and Viet Cong
Soldiers Delivered to Battle via UH-1 Helicopter
Combat Insertion Into a "Hot" LZ
Combat Insertion From A Huey
Landing Zone for Flock of Huey Helicopters