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Smoke Billows Over Section of Cholon From Fighting Between the ARVN and Viet Cong
Two Members of V-Company Use Smoke to Signal Location of Wounded During Operation Coburg
Smoke Seen From A LOH
Huey With Evidence of Combat Damage
Unidentified Soldier In Smoke
Signaling A Huey Helicopter
Practice Smoke Run At LZ Uplift
Runway At Kam Duc
Iroquois Helicopter, Better Known as a Huey, Called "Spartan Smokey"
Smoke Signal At A Military Camp
Huey's Flying Toward Smoke Signals
White Phosphorus Dropped by Jet
Smoke and Dust Obscures Beleaguered Marine Combat Base
Soldier Signaling with Colored Smoke
Smoke At Landing Zone Stud
Smoke Rising From Forest
Landing Chinook
Unidentified Soldier With Smoke Signal