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2017 -  Competitive Long Distance Shooting - Poster Presentation
Captured Weapons Bon Song and Dillon (right)
Project Eldest Son – The U.S. Scheme to Sabotage Viet Cong Rifles
Allied Military Operations, in South Vietnam, Uncovering Enormous Cache of Weapons and Ammunition
Vietnamese Marines Fight Communist Infiltrators in Gia Dinh
Captured Viet Cong Weapons
Soldiers Pose After Combat
Soldier Showing His Rifle
Mad Minute Drill on LZ Ike, Army Base
New Zealand Beret From Whiskey Company at Nui Dat Infantry Base Camp
Medics Working With the Villagers
Captured Chicom Recoilless Rifle Rounds
Soldiers Prepared to Go on a Night Patrol
Soldier Prepared to Re-embark on Patrols in the Jungle
Waterborne Engineers Beach Their Dinghy
Soldier With Peace Symbol on His Rifle
Wreckage of an Australian APC after Operation Bribie
Soldier with 106mm Recoilless Rifle