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United States Naval Sea Cadets Raising the Flag on Veterans Day
Soldiers on an Aircraft Carrier in Subic Bay, Philippines
United States Navy Vessel with American, South Vietnamese and Australian Personnel
Ship Full of Soldiers Just Arriving in Vietnam
Crew Members Carry 5 Inch Shells
RAN Clearance Diving Team 3, US Navy and ARVN Personnel Searching for Enemy Mines and Obstructions
Battleship USS New Jersey
BB-62 USS New Jersey in Tonkin Gulf 1969
Navy Wessex Helicopter Approaches HMAS Parramatta
Clearance Diving Team (CDT) Preparing Demolition Charges
Soldier Relaxing on the United States Navy Troop Ship Heading to Okie
USS New Jersey Battleship
Control Tower at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon after the Tet Offensive
HMAS Yarra, a River Class Destroyer Escort