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Soldier in the 101st Airborne Division
Soldier, and Team Leader, With a Kit Carson Scout
25th Infantry Division Guard and Dog on Perimeter Duty
A Ride On A Centurion Tank For 2RAR-NZ Infantrymen
Fire Support Base "Fuller"
Ambush Academy, 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi
Military Pin For Long Range Patrol Rangers, 75th Infantry
Wounded Member of the 1st Platoon Gets Loaded Onto Helicopter
Soldier Cools Off in a Stream in the Mekong Delta Whilst Cleaning His Weapon
14th Infantry Regiment Soldier Rests During a Mission
Soldiers Engaged in Rest & Relaxation, 1st Platoon "The Pioneers"
Officer Candidate Gary Earls At Fort Benning
Letter Awarding The Silver Star To Michael Snider
Sniper Ben Norman Rubber Tree Plantation