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Soldiers Eat as They Joke With Each Other
Soldiers From 1st Cavalry Regiment Relaxing Together
Soldiers Pose Together From 2nd Platoon
Soldiers From 2nd Platoon, Company B, 1/7 Cavalry
Soldier, and Team Leader, With a Kit Carson Scout
Soldiers From 1st Platoon Pose Together
Soldiers Helping Soldiers During a Fire Fight in Hue, Southern Vietnam
Photo of two soldiers in Quan Loi, 1st Platoon, Company B, 1/7 Cavalry
Off Duty Soldiers Relaxing
Soldiers Hamming it Up for the Camera
Joe's Squad of the Blues (Saber Blues) in Front of Iroquois Helicopter "Headhunter"
Soldiers Relaxing on an Airfield
Photo of Mario Guzman With a Local Woman
Soldiers Pretending to Be Jimi Hendrix
Marijuana Plants, Which the Soldiers Were Ordered to Burn