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Civilians Move Through Cholon in the Aftermath of the Tet Fighting
Military Aircraft Burns From Viet Cong Attack
Member of HMAS Hobart's Crew Inspects Damage
Injured Vietnamese Receive Aid After Bomb Explosion Outside U.S. Embassy in Saigon
Soldiers from 7RAR Examine Ashes and Rubble of Houses in Long Dien, February 1968
Truck Hit By a Booby Trap Near LZ English
South Vietnamese Soldiers Inspect Destruction of Saigon's Cholon Section
Lone Soldier Inside a Home During the Tet Offensive
Soldier With Damaged Bridge in the Background
Kingsman Huey Destroyed by Detonated Mine
Aftermath of the First Battle of Saigon, Known as the Tet Offensive
Aftermath of the Tet Offensive in Saigon
The Squadron Worked In Conjunction With Aircraft Of The Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam and United States Forces
Huey Helicopters Fly Over Wreckage and Destruction