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Memorial Exhibit of Jonathan Stowers
Dead Viet Cong
Bodies of Vietnamese Army Troops Laid Out in an Open Area to be Checked for Documents Before Burial
Father Holds the Body of His Child as South Vietnamese Army Rangers Look Down From their Armored Vehicle
Examining Hospice Care in Utah
The Body of Private Michael (Mick) Alwyn Bourke, 1 RAR, is Farewelled at a Ceremony at Tan Son Nhut Airbase
Chaplain Ray Stachurski Administering the Last Rites to Private (Pte) Robert Buchan
Body Left Out In The Sun
Viet Cong KIA after Attacking the Perimeter of Tan Son Nhut Air Base
Soldier KIA During the Tet Offensive in Kontum, RVN
Medics Carry the Body of a Dead South Vietnamese Officer
American Victims of the Vietnam War
Members of 6 RAR Move a Dead Viet Cong Soldier
US Troops Believed that Vietnamese Traditions Held the Symbolism of the Spade to Mean Death and Ill-Fortune
North Vietnamese Soldiers Lie Dead on the Morning of 13 May 1968
Enemy Dead in La Drang
Light Action Nets 53 - Newspaper Article
Viet Cong Dead After an Attack on the Perimeter of Tan Son Nhut Air Base
Truck Carrying The Dead
Soldier Who Was KIA a Few Days After Photo Was Taken