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Bargaining with Sales Girls, Qui Nhon Harbor
Hooch Maid, South Vietnamese Cleaner
Papa San
Street in the Port City of Vung Tau, Vietnam
Two South Vietnamese Girls Selling Coca-Cola to the Troops
An Khe Bridge Duty
Vietnamese School House Built By the Cavalry
Medics Carry the Body of a Dead South Vietnamese Officer
Viet Cong Propaganda
Chieu Hoi Pamphlet
South Vietnamese Refugees Fleeing From the North Vietnamese Army
Soldier Guards Route 7 as Southern Vietnamese Return Home
Chieu Hoi Pamphlet
United States and South Vietnamese Naval Personnel Worked Together
Protesters in Melbourne’s City Square Regarding Corrupt South Vietnamese Government Asylum
Member of 1RAR Patrols near Bien Hoa Accompanied by Local Children
South Vietnamese Troops March Through Vung Tau
President Richard Nixon in Vietnam