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Boarding Aussie Diggers in 1966
Dog Handlers from the 1ATF (Australian Task Force)
Sand-bag And Barbed-wire Defenses Protecting The RAAF Zone
Wing Commander John Mitchell Briefs Detachment S’s Hercules Crews
Saigon’s Chinese Quarter, Cholon, In The Aftermath Of The Tet Offensive
Pilot Officer Michael Haxell at the Controls of an Iroquois.
9 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Badge Emblem
A 35 Squadron Caribou Seen Through the Cargo Door of Another Aircraft
Airfield Defence Guards Waiting to Leave Nui Dat and Begin a Patrol
Australian Airfield Defence Guards at Phang Rang in 1971
RAAF Nursing Sister, Squadron Officer Harriett Hardy Fenwick
South Vietnamese Refugees Fleeing From the North Vietnamese Army
Iroquois Helicoper
The Squadron Worked In Conjunction With Aircraft Of The Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam and United States Forces
Wounded Soldier is Unloaded From an RAAF Iroquois Chopper
Commandant Janice Webb (far right), Australian Red Cross, with Walking Wounded
Leaving Nui Dat For Vung Tau Inside A RAAF Iroquois Helicopter