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Individual Working on a Tractor or Industrial Lawnmower
Freshman and Private Pilot, Barbara Reams
First Aviation Graduates
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Recreational Mechanics Instructor and Student Work on Motorcycle
Auto Mechanics - Vocational Program
VICA State Competition at SLCC, 1992-1993
Automotive Technical Training: Miller Campus
Outstanding Alumni Awards
Heavy-Duty Mechanics Program Receives John Deere Engine
Automotive Tech 2008
Automotive Technician Competition
Instructors Meet at Row of Motorcycles
Students Work on Rims And Wheels
Students Work on an Engine
Ernst Boettcher Donates Diesel Engine
Ernst Boettcher Donates Diesel Engine
SLCC Student Newspapers 2017-03-22
SLCC Student Newspapers 1985-02-01
SLCC Student Newspapers 1985-02-01