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Students operating equipment in the machine shop while instructor observes, circa 1956-1957
Woodrow A. Wilde working on IF transformer of super-heterodyne type radio receiver, circa 1956-1957
Students operating metal lathe machines as instructor observes, circa 1956-1957
Venice Turnbow and Orville Gillett reading meters and adjusting controls, circa 1956-1957
Wallace G. Burt and students working on electron theory of permanent magnets model, circa 1956-1957
Student sanding damaged automobile, circa 1956-1957
Walace G. Burt, Venice Turnbow, Henry Harry and unidentified male students in electronics class, circa 1956-1957
Students working on acetylene welding and cutting while instructor observes, circa 1956-1957
Students examining milled gears, circa 1956-1957
Instructors and students in electronics lab, circa 1956-1957
Mr. Moyes and students performing a circuit analysis, circa 1956-1957
Student body officers, 1956-1957
Student and instructor surveying damaged Chevrolet, circa 1956-1957
Mr. Moyes, Walace G. Burt, and students working in the electronics lab, circa 1956-1957
Instructor teaching students how to use lathe, circa 1956-1957
Walace G. Burt and Henry Harry testing circuits, circa 1956-1957