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Wounded Soldier is Unloaded From an RAAF Iroquois Chopper
US Marine On Patrol Near Khe Sanh
Australian Gunners of 105 Field Battery
Picking Up Wounded Men Proved to be One of the Primary Functions of 9 Squadron Helicopters in Vietnam
Australian Airfield Defence Guards at Phang Rang in 1971
American Iroquois Helicopters Fly Over Australian Soldiers
A Patrol from 1RAR Makes its Way Through the Wire on Coral’s Perimeter as they Search for Signs of the Enemy
A 102 Battery Gun Fires
After the First Attack on Coral
Lieutenant ‘Edward Jake’ Linton Releases a Grenade Which has Become Stuck in an M79 Rocket Launcher
Marines Take a Break During the Battle for Hue
Dickey Chapelle, American Photojournalist
Soldier Under Fire From Vietcong
Soldiers of the 11th Armoured Regiment, Arriving in Vietnam
Private Graham Griffiths of Westmead, Sydney. Among the First Intake of National Servicemen From Australia
Catherine Leroy (1945 – 2006) A French-born Photojournalist And War Photographer
Photojournalist: Henri Huet, KIA, Feb.10, 1971 Over Laos.
SLCC Student Newspapers 2003-10-29