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25th Infantry Division Guard and Dog on Perimeter Duty
14th Infantry Regiment Soldier Rests During a Mission
Fire Support Base "Fuller"
Soldier Cools Off in a Stream in the Mekong Delta Whilst Cleaning His Weapon
Soldier, and Team Leader, With a Kit Carson Scout
Wounded Member of the 1st Platoon Gets Loaded Onto Helicopter
Ambush Academy, 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi
Officer Candidate Gary Earls At Fort Benning
A Ride On A Centurion Tank For 2RAR-NZ Infantrymen
Military Pin For Long Range Patrol Rangers, 75th Infantry
Sniper Ben Norman Rubber Tree Plantation
Soldier in the 101st Airborne Division
Soldiers Engaged in Rest & Relaxation, 1st Platoon "The Pioneers"
1RAR Infantrymen Patrol in the Michelin Rubber Plantation
Letter Awarding The Silver Star To Michael Snider