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Assault Helicopter Company's UH-1B Gunship
Cobra Gunship at Dusk
Cobra Helicopter Getting Re-armed Before Heading Out on Another Mission
Wrecked UH-1C Gunship
UH-1C "Charlie Model" Gunship
Bullet Hole In A UH-1C Gunship
Assault Helicopter Artillery
AH-1G "Cobra" gunship
Assault Helicopter With Door Gunner
UH-1C Gunship Hog Configuration
Douglas AC-47 Spooky Gunship
Charlie Model Gunship Being Loaded With Rockets
Side View of a Cobra Helicopter Named "Mighty Mouse"
Flying Missions in Vietnam
Cobra Gunship Getting Some Work
Reloading A Cobra Gunship Ammunition
The Office Of A Doorgunner
Gunship Maintenance