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Members of the 716th MP Battalion Guard the Entrance to the U.S. Embassy
Chopper Pad At LZ English
Soldier in MP Platoon AO, LZ English
Pevy, of 4th Battalion, Wanted One Last Ride With His Buddy
Army Base, LZ English, With the MP Hootch in the Foreground
MP Desk Blotter, LZ English,  U.S. Army Base
Main Gate Guard at LZ English
Military Police Vehicle In A Monsoon
Military Police Station at Landing Zone
View of Military Base, Likely E-Troop, 17th Cavalry
Military Police Squad from the 173rd Airborne Brigade
Military Police Vehicle, 1st Platoon
Jerry W. Colwell, United States Army Airborn
Military Police At Landing Zone Uplift
Military Police (MP) Helmets
Military Police On Patrol In Northern II Corps
MP Squad at LZ Uplift
Patrol In Northern II Corps
LZ English MP Platoon
Viet Cong Attack American Embassy in Saigon